Energy Healing

Reiki Level III - Master Level

Healing Touch Level 2 Practitioner

Chakra Balancing


Although we don't see energy, it is there, just like we can't see the electricity in the wires of our houses.  Every living thing has an electrical system, which can become blocked.  If there is a blockage in our energy system we can sink below our wellness line.  

Reiki and Healing Touch are two types of energy healing methods, that have been researched and validated as being helpful and beneficial towards body/mind/spiritual well-being.


What are your credentials?

I have been trained and attuned as a Reiki III, Master.  I am also a Level 2 Healing Touch practitioner and am continuing my training.

I use essential oils to help deepen the meditative state which will allow you to accept the relaxing experience of these hands on and hands off techniques.